Saturday, 25 August 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I've wanted to try a BB cream for quite some time now, but I didn't want to spend money on one just in case I didn't like it, because I have heard reviews where the creams have been too orange, and haven't had a wide range of shades available. And when I was at the Benefit counter last week I asked about BB creams and the lady there said that a BB cream is trying to do too much in one product and will never be as good as the individual products, cos she said its trying to be like a tinted moisturiser, moisturise and suncream all in one or something, but anyhows, when I saw an advert for a free sample of this I thought well why not.. so I did. This took about ten days to get here. The packaging is quite nice, it gives you all the info you need about the BB cream the sachets are tiny but you do get three of them, they're awkward to open but nevermind.

It is definitely orange..

The consistency is no as thick as a liquid foundation, but not as liquidy as a moisturiser so it's somewhere in between, the smell is plasticky and has no perfumey scent, and when I applied it it didn't seem to have much slip, once it was worked in and rubbed about it sort of stopped moving and became a little sticky and was hard to blend in if there were any visible lines or streaks of product.

Here is a 'before' shot

aaand an 'after'

I'm not sure how much you're supposed to use but i used an entire sachet on my face, so I'm not sure if it is too much or.. but I applied it with my hands and its too dark for me, although the coverage is really nice cos you can still see skin through it which is what I was looking for, it is too dark, so if I could find a BB cream that wasn't too orangey then I would definitely purchase one, but alas this one is not the one for me.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Alice Time!

Denim Jacket - Primark, Vest - H&M, Shorts - All Saints, Bag - M&S, Vans - Office
Went to town with Alice today and tested out another Chanel sample, this time I chose Incandescente, which is an orange red and I thought I wouldn't like it but it is so so nice! I don't think it lasted as long as Pirate did, but never mind I still love it.
Chanel - Incandescente

 Todays reasoning for going to town was to receive a necklace I bought from Alice's shop for jewellery and I am very happy with it, it is longer than i thought it was going to be, but I looooove the charm on it and I didn't realise that the rabbit and the clock were separate pieces so I was pleasantly surprised.

I also bought a new bottle of water cos the other one I have I've had for around a month and it's getting a bit manky, so I got a 75cl one which means if I drink two a day then I'll have drank 1.5 litres, even though I'd be having two since this bottle is smaller than the litre one its less intimidating so I don't feel like I'm gunna struggle through it..

We went to a shop called Xtras in Newcastle which is always fun to look in but it is very tacky and mainly sells tutu's, hair extensions, hen party gear and cheap make up. Or so we thought, but they stock Stila makeup and Essie nail varnish. Now I'm not too sure about the normal retail price of these items but the nail varnish was on sale for £2.99, so I bought a lilac one by Essie with a blue sparkly iridescence running through it, I haven't tested it yet but I have used Berry Ice Cream by Barry M and I loved it so I figured why not try another lilac colour so I went for this. I also bought a bright pink colour which I also haven't tried yet and a metallicy dark red colour, which I currently have on now which is very nice indeed, both are by Revlon.

I also picked up a clear mascara/brow shaping gel because I've seen brow gels around but they're expensive and I wasn't sure I'd use it regularly since I never really do anything with my eyebrows since they don't really need filling in or anything, so I thought this for £1.99. It was definitely a decent price to pay especially if I don't like how it looks on my brows or if I am lazy with it.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


To Ikea!

Chanel Rouge Allure in colour Pirate
Since I am moving out in 3 weeks, me and mam decided to go to Ikea today to see if we could get hold of some household bits and we successfully bought 6 pillows, a duvet, some kitchen utensils and a cutlery tub thing to drain cutlery in after its been washed. So i thought I'd test out my Chanel samples today for the occasion, so I started off with the one I think will be my favourite out of the 4 samples I have, this one is called 'Pirate' and I'd say it is a darker blue based red, the application was very smooth, and although I love lipstick I've never really applied any with a brush before and since the brush that came with the sample is tiny that only added to the problem, however I persevered and managed to apply a thin layer and got the outline of my lips done and after that I applied more colour with my fingers. the longevity is pretty good, I managed to eat and drink without getting it all over my face and although the colour faded in the middle of my lips it didn't look too horrific. 

I know its not great but at least the colour stayed on, it was also fairly moisturising I didn't feel the need to apply vaseline or anything over the top. I also tested out Hoola, and that didn't budge all day. I really like it!

Since I'd never been to Ikea I thought I'd opt for some comfy shoes so went for Vans and then worked my outfit out around them, and I really wanted to wear jeans today so I did. I always feel like jeans aren't dressy, I mean they aren't really, but I've never had a really good pair so whenever I've worn jeans in the past they've been too big, the wrong leg length etc so it has coloured my view on them but since I took the time to find a pair that actually fit, I've been choosing them more regularly in outfits, which for me is quite a step up!

Denim Jacket - Primark, Blouse - Dorothy Perkins, Jeans - River Island, Vans - Office, Bag - M&S

I also did unintentional double denim, aww yeah. I'm loving topknots at the moment as well, I think they elongate my face since my face is quite wide and round. Its also because when i was little my mam would never let me get my hair past shoulders so i could never have a really high pony tail so now since my hair is slightly past my shoulders and I can get all of it in a bobble when its on top of my head I am milking this hairdo for all its worth, even if it does look like I am balancing an onion on my head.